Thursday, December 10, 2009

TIC annual Style Award

I don't know how am i get into this, but this site put my name in as their nominee for "Super Stylista" award.
I got to know about it from one of my friend. She's suddenly tweeted me,"Ca,there u are! im voting for u!"
And i was like.. That's great, thank u! but voting for WHAT??
And there are more friends told me the same thing, about voting me on that website.
Still, i have no idea.

Any way, I am quite flattered (even thou still clueless about the rest of the thing) so please, vote me there! Just click the picture above, find my name "Anisa Dhaniaprianty" and click "VOTE".
i'll be really appreciate that!! :)
thank u!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my new bitches.

Hometown: Helsinki, Finland.

The lineup: Emma Kemppianen, Mia Kemppianen, Malin Nyqvist.

The background: Le Corps Mince de Francoise – The Skinny Body of Francoise – LCMDF – are a three-piece, all chicks, all seemingly on speed, from Finland, who make pristine, pulsating electronic pop. The first thing you notice, hence the mention of amphetamines, is how fast and funkily furious their tunes are, which immediately separates these girls – two sisters and a friend – from the likes of Fan Death and New Young Pony Club, who do dour synth-disco, the slow pace designed to telegraph how fabulously fed-up they are to be here. LCMDF actually have a song called Cool and Bored, but although they do the glacial distraction thing to a tee when they open their mouths, the music itself makes them sound anything but bored, the high bpm rate demanding that their vocals keep up with the high-speed rhythm. This is possibly why they tend to shriek out barely comprehensible words (a mixture of Finnish and English by the sounds of things), as though they're anxious not to get left behind.

Those words, the ones you can make out anyway, sound funny, but you can just tell from the way they're delivered that LCMDF are being sly and satirical, and you can bet they're taking pot-shots at their peers and the fashionista brigade. Besides, you get great big clues from their song titles: debut single Bitch of the Bitches, given a sort of Bollywood flava by Berlin production house New Judas, who worked on Annie's last album, doesn't just assert their superiority over other women but sees them setting out their stall as the stronger sex – "I'm gonna marry Agent Cooper, he'd be good as a wife! I don't want to marry you, stay out of my life!" Rayban Glasses strays towards novelty, comedy grime/rap territory, like a Hanna Barbera cartoon of MIA and Yo! Majesty mud-wrestling, and finds our heroines dissing men for, among other things, their bad hair and choice of crap shoes.

But it is, as we say, all in good fun, and of the infectious variety: the Les Gillettes remix of Rayban Glasses isn't a million miles away from something like Whigfield's Saturday Night – you can just see the girls doing the Rayban Dance if and when Top Of The Pops returns – and they've got a song called Pollution that has all the mischievous exuberance missing from that last CSS album. With their debut album, due out later this year, being produced by Diplo, LCMDF could be the one – the first – hipster electro-girl-group to break through.

The buzz: "Le Corps Mince de Francoise are so wacky. Perhaps CSS would've nerded out like this had they been born in Helsinki. Cool and Bored is just waiting to be the hipster anthem."

The truth: As long as they don't alienate half their potential audience with all that boy-baiting, LCMDF should do well.

Most likely to: Advertise Raybans.

Least likely to: Advertise Intel Core 2 processors – NYPC already beat them to it.

What to buy: Bitch of the Bitches is released by Stimulus on 23 February.

File next to: Chicks On Speed, Peaches, CSS, New Young Pony Club.