Tuesday, August 25, 2009

fasting exam... phewww.

hello everyone.
I wanna say Happy Ramadhan for every moslem around the world.
This is one of the toughest fasting day i must say. A lot of 'exam' for my Ramadhan that i have to go through.
First, i have to deal with my crowded time table, that force me to wake up every morning and go back at noon. Second, financial problem; i just checked my bank account and my monthly allowance cannot cover my expenses. And i don't feel good if i asked my uncle to send more.
The electricity bill is increase from last month because of my new crazy Indian house mate. She's actually a nice person, but if it comes to what we called 'home bill stuff', she could be a total bitch. And another thing is, when i asked my year leader about my student report, she gave me a quite shocking news, that i have to add one more elective subject to my PACK time table. Means, i have to asked my dad to send me extra money to pay that subject. What pissed me more is that when i registered, the year leader said that i don't have to take any elective! Why now?? Sigh....God, what an 'exam'.
And my third worries is related to my second 'exam'. If the year leader could made that kind of mistakes, i worried that i can't graduated this semester just because of technical problem or because of human error. It is more frustrating than when u are not graduated because you are lazy. Seriously, i don't know how to face that up coming reality(even it's not certain)and how i tell my parents that i'm not graduating this semester??

Really guys.
tell me how?? I can't get over it from my head.
Please God, i want to graduate this semester.
help me to go through any obstacle. :(

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Indonesia Independence Day

17 August 2009, located in my University at Limkokwing, Malaysia.
We just had a celebration for our beloved country birthday. There is a lot of games, performance and also an exhibition. We also asked the international student to participate in this event.
It's a quite fun moment for us Indonesian student. :)