Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Boots. My new sashimi.

New sashimi!
Delicious new comer from England. Victoria Christina Hesketh also known by her stage name Little Boots, is an English electropop musician. As a musician Little Boots sings and plays the keyboard, piano, stylophone and a Japanese electronic instrument, called Tenori-on.

Hesketh began writing her own songs and posting covers on the social networking sites such as Youtube and Myspace.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

hi bloggie.
haven't write for quite a while. Been busy with college and stuff.
hmm... it's good to see u guys again.
Anything new?
Well, not really. Nothing is quite interesting to write about.

Now i'm sitting nicely with Ghea's laptop with niva lay down with her laptop besides me, typing this random thing. I actually have to perform this afternoon : 4pm.
But i am too lazy to got up and shower.
I still don't know what to wear later.

It's a pretty big event held in my university. A gathering for Indonesia-Malaysia student, or whatever it is. In purpose to 'kinda' stop the idea of having a war between this two country.
Ow well, im not gonna say anything about it. There will be too much unethical spam and comments from non responsible people every time we try to discuss about it.
So yeah, just let it be.

Ow, my friends ghea and aya just bought this Color Splash Flash.
It is so damn good!!
we do some test shoot to welcoming these 2 precious thing
they named it Folca and Isabel. My friend Ila also wants to buy it. She wants to name it Pocky, but we force her to call it Butet, since Ila is originally Batak.
So here are the pieces of the photo shoot :

I really love the tone!!!
No photoshop at all! this is 100% camera + color splash flash.
u guys should buy this shit.
it's really2 worth it!
I wanna buy it too, but it's out of stock. So should be patient until the new stock come! -_-

Hmmm.... so what else??
i think im run out of idea. That's all for now.
Later im gonna write more.

c u bloggie.
keep on writing!!