Thursday, December 10, 2009

TIC annual Style Award

I don't know how am i get into this, but this site put my name in as their nominee for "Super Stylista" award.
I got to know about it from one of my friend. She's suddenly tweeted me,"Ca,there u are! im voting for u!"
And i was like.. That's great, thank u! but voting for WHAT??
And there are more friends told me the same thing, about voting me on that website.
Still, i have no idea.

Any way, I am quite flattered (even thou still clueless about the rest of the thing) so please, vote me there! Just click the picture above, find my name "Anisa Dhaniaprianty" and click "VOTE".
i'll be really appreciate that!! :)
thank u!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my new bitches.

Hometown: Helsinki, Finland.

The lineup: Emma Kemppianen, Mia Kemppianen, Malin Nyqvist.

The background: Le Corps Mince de Francoise – The Skinny Body of Francoise – LCMDF – are a three-piece, all chicks, all seemingly on speed, from Finland, who make pristine, pulsating electronic pop. The first thing you notice, hence the mention of amphetamines, is how fast and funkily furious their tunes are, which immediately separates these girls – two sisters and a friend – from the likes of Fan Death and New Young Pony Club, who do dour synth-disco, the slow pace designed to telegraph how fabulously fed-up they are to be here. LCMDF actually have a song called Cool and Bored, but although they do the glacial distraction thing to a tee when they open their mouths, the music itself makes them sound anything but bored, the high bpm rate demanding that their vocals keep up with the high-speed rhythm. This is possibly why they tend to shriek out barely comprehensible words (a mixture of Finnish and English by the sounds of things), as though they're anxious not to get left behind.

Those words, the ones you can make out anyway, sound funny, but you can just tell from the way they're delivered that LCMDF are being sly and satirical, and you can bet they're taking pot-shots at their peers and the fashionista brigade. Besides, you get great big clues from their song titles: debut single Bitch of the Bitches, given a sort of Bollywood flava by Berlin production house New Judas, who worked on Annie's last album, doesn't just assert their superiority over other women but sees them setting out their stall as the stronger sex – "I'm gonna marry Agent Cooper, he'd be good as a wife! I don't want to marry you, stay out of my life!" Rayban Glasses strays towards novelty, comedy grime/rap territory, like a Hanna Barbera cartoon of MIA and Yo! Majesty mud-wrestling, and finds our heroines dissing men for, among other things, their bad hair and choice of crap shoes.

But it is, as we say, all in good fun, and of the infectious variety: the Les Gillettes remix of Rayban Glasses isn't a million miles away from something like Whigfield's Saturday Night – you can just see the girls doing the Rayban Dance if and when Top Of The Pops returns – and they've got a song called Pollution that has all the mischievous exuberance missing from that last CSS album. With their debut album, due out later this year, being produced by Diplo, LCMDF could be the one – the first – hipster electro-girl-group to break through.

The buzz: "Le Corps Mince de Francoise are so wacky. Perhaps CSS would've nerded out like this had they been born in Helsinki. Cool and Bored is just waiting to be the hipster anthem."

The truth: As long as they don't alienate half their potential audience with all that boy-baiting, LCMDF should do well.

Most likely to: Advertise Raybans.

Least likely to: Advertise Intel Core 2 processors – NYPC already beat them to it.

What to buy: Bitch of the Bitches is released by Stimulus on 23 February.

File next to: Chicks On Speed, Peaches, CSS, New Young Pony Club.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

My current obsession : Allison Harvard

I am obsessed with uniqueness. I swear to God, if i can bring this girl home, i will!
I will adopt her as my sister. I don't care. She's the coolest weirdos everrrr!

Ok, let me introduce you to Allison Harvard. This girl is the second finalist in ANTM cycle 12. During the audition process, Harvard stated that she loved nose bleeds and hemophilia.

When the first i saw her i was like "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!"
Her big eyes it's almost like a mixture of squirrel and porcelain doll. Her lips and teeth it's almost like a rabbit. But somehow her unconventional beauty it's exquisite extreme. I was drawn into her.
It's like when u go shopping and u saw some clothes that really unique and u want it soooo bad! Yeah, i got that kind of feeling. It is almost like euphoria.

I want that freakish dolly look! It's phenomenal.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

hola. hola.

How r u guys? I know, it's been ages that i haven't write in my blog.
Too much 'shit' i have to flushed these days. I'll be graduating this December (HOPEFULLY!) so u know the amount of task that i have to deal with it's sooooo fucked up. I've got tons of assignment, some presentation, and gallons of quiz! I'm so dead.

So let me update you with things that had been going on with me lately.

1. I just bought an aquarium with five tropical fish. I know, this is so random.
Me and my boyfriend, we're actually planning to watch a movie. But i don't what is up with his mind, he suddenly change his mind and we end-up buying these crap which is lately turn into a good stuff. Im the one who picked all the fish and named all of 'em; Butet, Nasrudin, Ramona, Hengky, and Poop. My boyfriend is not very happy with the name that i picked, i bet u guys understand why. :p

2. This Is It, is one of the most MUST WATCH movie. At least that is what people said.
But somehow it doesn't work for me. I found that THIS IS IT is pretty boring as a movie, but in term of PERFORMANCE? he is a legend. If only his still alive, this concert will be a LEGENDARY concert. Damn spectacular!!

3. That's right girls. Gabe Bondoc! The Youtube star.... One of the hottest internet sensation.
To be honest, i have no idea who he is until one of my friend showed me the Part of Your World cover that he made on Youtube. And at the moment he start to sing, i know that i have a HUGE crush on him!! But unfortunatelly, there is a turn off factor for me : his a bit sissy.
I don't know and i don't care whether u guys agree or not with me, but i can sense the sissyness.
I just hope his just being cute, not being a BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

All rite people. I have to finish my Quantitave Method study.
I'll catch up with u guys later 'k?
take care! BHAAAAY.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lost Without You

This is the cover of Robin Thicke song's which is Lost without You.
Hope You Guys Enjoy it :)

I'm lost without you
Can't help myself
How does it feel?
To know that I love ya baby
I'm lost without you
Can't help myself
How does it feel?
To know that I love ya baby

Tell me how you love me more
And how you think I'm sexy baby
But you don't want nobody else
You don't want this guy
You don't want that guy
You wanna touch yourself when you see me
Tell me how you love my body
And how I make you feel baby
You wanna roll with me
You wanna to hold with me
You wanna stay warm and get out of the cold with me
I just love to hear you say it
It makes a man feel good baby
Tell me you depend on me
I need to hear it

I'm lost without you
Can't help myself
How does it feel?
To know that I love ya baby
I'm lost without you
Can't help myself
How does it feel?
To know that I love ya baby

Baby your the perfect shape
Baby your the perfect weight

Treat me like my birthday
I want it this way
I want it that way
I want it, Tell me you don't want me to stop
Tell me it would break your heart
But you love me and all my dirty
You wanna roll with me
You wanna to hold with me
You want to make fires and get Norwegian wood with me
I just love to hear you say it
It makes a man feel good baby

I'm lost without you
Can't help myself
How does it feel?
To know that I love ya baby
I'm lost without you
Can't help myself
How does it feel?
To know that I love ya baby

Cause you will tell me every morning
Oooohhh all right baby
Ooooh yeah
Oh baby
Oh darlin
All right right

I'm lost without you!
Can't help myself
How does it feel?
To know that I love you baby
I'm lost without you
Can't help myself
How does it feel?
To know that I love yoou baby!

Ooh yeah
Oh baby
Oh darlin'
All right right
Oh baby
Oh darlin'
Ooh ooh baby
All right right... yeah.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Female blogger award

wew! Thank you so much Ila for the award! *smooch
This is what she called Hottest Female Blogger.
Actually i'm a bit confused when she ask me to "GRAB" the award that she gave to me. Still not sure what she means by GRAB the award until now, tee-hee, but i just copy paste it to my blog. :p

"and the reason why I chose them is because they have the hot looking face and brains. Its a deadly combination! Read their story, including the one who gave me this awards, its addictive."

that's the reason why she gave me and other 9 female nomination this award.
thank u so much again laaaa! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Boots. My new sashimi.

New sashimi!
Delicious new comer from England. Victoria Christina Hesketh also known by her stage name Little Boots, is an English electropop musician. As a musician Little Boots sings and plays the keyboard, piano, stylophone and a Japanese electronic instrument, called Tenori-on.

Hesketh began writing her own songs and posting covers on the social networking sites such as Youtube and Myspace.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

hi bloggie.
haven't write for quite a while. Been busy with college and stuff.
hmm... it's good to see u guys again.
Anything new?
Well, not really. Nothing is quite interesting to write about.

Now i'm sitting nicely with Ghea's laptop with niva lay down with her laptop besides me, typing this random thing. I actually have to perform this afternoon : 4pm.
But i am too lazy to got up and shower.
I still don't know what to wear later.

It's a pretty big event held in my university. A gathering for Indonesia-Malaysia student, or whatever it is. In purpose to 'kinda' stop the idea of having a war between this two country.
Ow well, im not gonna say anything about it. There will be too much unethical spam and comments from non responsible people every time we try to discuss about it.
So yeah, just let it be.

Ow, my friends ghea and aya just bought this Color Splash Flash.
It is so damn good!!
we do some test shoot to welcoming these 2 precious thing
they named it Folca and Isabel. My friend Ila also wants to buy it. She wants to name it Pocky, but we force her to call it Butet, since Ila is originally Batak.
So here are the pieces of the photo shoot :

I really love the tone!!!
No photoshop at all! this is 100% camera + color splash flash.
u guys should buy this shit.
it's really2 worth it!
I wanna buy it too, but it's out of stock. So should be patient until the new stock come! -_-

Hmmm.... so what else??
i think im run out of idea. That's all for now.
Later im gonna write more.

c u bloggie.
keep on writing!!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

fasting exam... phewww.

hello everyone.
I wanna say Happy Ramadhan for every moslem around the world.
This is one of the toughest fasting day i must say. A lot of 'exam' for my Ramadhan that i have to go through.
First, i have to deal with my crowded time table, that force me to wake up every morning and go back at noon. Second, financial problem; i just checked my bank account and my monthly allowance cannot cover my expenses. And i don't feel good if i asked my uncle to send more.
The electricity bill is increase from last month because of my new crazy Indian house mate. She's actually a nice person, but if it comes to what we called 'home bill stuff', she could be a total bitch. And another thing is, when i asked my year leader about my student report, she gave me a quite shocking news, that i have to add one more elective subject to my PACK time table. Means, i have to asked my dad to send me extra money to pay that subject. What pissed me more is that when i registered, the year leader said that i don't have to take any elective! Why now?? Sigh....God, what an 'exam'.
And my third worries is related to my second 'exam'. If the year leader could made that kind of mistakes, i worried that i can't graduated this semester just because of technical problem or because of human error. It is more frustrating than when u are not graduated because you are lazy. Seriously, i don't know how to face that up coming reality(even it's not certain)and how i tell my parents that i'm not graduating this semester??

Really guys.
tell me how?? I can't get over it from my head.
Please God, i want to graduate this semester.
help me to go through any obstacle. :(

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Indonesia Independence Day

17 August 2009, located in my University at Limkokwing, Malaysia.
We just had a celebration for our beloved country birthday. There is a lot of games, performance and also an exhibition. We also asked the international student to participate in this event.
It's a quite fun moment for us Indonesian student. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sayonara MJ

RIP to the king of pop and one of world biggest inspirations. May God cover you Michael.
I have great admiration and respect for him even i'm not his biggest fans.
I don't know much about him and know less about his song, but i have to admit that there is no one in the world like MJ! Never will be! He is the KING of pop and world biggest sensation!
Another legend in music industry that has thousand, million, or maybe billion of fans. He will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. This is another world biggest losses after Princess Diana, and obviously his funeral today will be as large as Princess Diana's funeral day.

I feel so blessed to have been touched by his music and his genius lyrics. Ben is one of my favorite song. It's just a sweet simple song for a mouse cartoon soundtrack, but somehow it gives me shiver everytime i hear it. For me, that song is amazingly deep and touchy.

My deep condolences to his family, friends and fans around the world.
Michael Jackson Rest in Peace and may your music remains in people's soul. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Holy-day... Back in town

Finally! after the series of frustrating exam day plus jobless time in my apartment,
i'm back in my home sweet home!
I really have no specific plan for this holiday. I did have a few photo shoot to do next week
for my friend boutique and also for another Bingkai exhibition. But currently i have nothing to do but to waste my time hang with my buddies, make love with my sister's laptop playing The Sims 3 (you should try this game! it's awesome.)all day, and of course eat and eat.
I ate a lot of ramen at Takigawa restaurant with my siblings and grandma in the second day of my holiday.
Sorry, if it comes to FOOD, i just can't wait. :p

Happy Holiday everyone.

My Bitch, Diana

model : Hasan Alatas

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound presents HED KANDI

Patrick Oliver the resident Dj of MOS. damn sexy!!

Hed Kandi is a UK-based record label and a music brand which was established in 1999 by Mark Doyle, specializing in commercial house music. Hed Kandi's catalogue includes both artist albums and various genres of club compilations. Hed Kandi combine with pure energy for a spectacular one-night only event at Ministry of Sound – EUPHORIA @ Sunway Lagoon Resort on Saturday, 6 June 2009. U.K.’s DJ Carl Hanaghan rocks the dance floor with a torrential stream of funk, electro and house, magnified by the supersonic beats of percussionist Pav.

Patrick Oliver and Carl Hanaghan from Hed Kandi.
Which one Hotter?? ;p

Carl Hanaghan damn cute!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Another amazing female photographer from deviantart.
She is from Ukraine.
Her flawless amazing photo shoot really soothing my sight.


Female photographer from Poland that i found from deviantart.
The title of this post is from her deviantart name. Her brilliant yet honest photo shoot just caught my eyes. It is spontaneously amazing, and the execution just nicely done. I really love the retro tone.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Slightly still you

It's 1 in the afternoon and i just woke up with random things in mind. I haven't showered and just finish my supposed-to-be-a-morning-ritual thingy(and i bet u don't want the detail).

Here, i am sitting nicely with my boyfriend's laptop (i 'forced' to borrow it from him, tee hee) and typing this post with half of my consciousness flew away to other dimension.
i actually wrote when i felt like i wanna wrote something. And it is rarely happened, becoz i wrote when i can't express my feelings or if everything seems to be overloaded. Now, i feel both.

Speaking about being honest, honestly i don't seem really honest when i wrote a blog. Coz most of the time all i do is paraphrasing the words. It is hard to be bold and knowing that thousand of people might read your thoughts.
I used to think that no body will read this trash, no one will read someone else blog unless they are somebody. But curiousity makes me put the visitor counter widget below this blog and founds out that 4thousand people reading or at least 'walking' around my blog. It is surprising to know that people actually read your blog even when it's actually just a piece of crap. It is actually a good thing becoz blog is meant to be read. But for me, there is a moment where i just want to be an anonymous and said whatever i want to say without afraid to get busted. Sounds like i want to be a GossipGirl in blog kind of way is it? yekh.

But since it is impossible to become an anonymous, let's just jazz it up shall we?
Something just pissing me off lately. Now it is not becoz i don't understand about how things works. But because i am a hundred percent understood about things and how it is works.
Again, i paraphrase it.

Let me show u this quote "The world could be amazing when you are SLIGHTLY strange" do you get why im bolding up that word? Becoz people are tend to ignore that words and become GREATLY strange! they thought that when u are AMAZINGLY strange, u could make the world AMAZING. Kiss my foot!
These people really make me sick. To be frank, i am a weirdo, i am a geek and i am SLIGHTLY strange, but i am what i am. It is sad to see people AMAZINGLY strange just becoz they act like somebody else. The worst part is, u actually used to falling love with their attitude and suddenly u don't know who they are and u stand there, cursing them. It feels good when u do that, but after u go to bed rewind about what u just did to them, u feel miserable. Coz deep down, you could see them more than a strange looser. You still recognize their real color, SLIGHTLY.

It is hurts to see the lost in their face. They could draw the widest smile ever and laugh as hard as they can, but they can't fool the eye. It's empty, and it is too complicated for me to fill it.
I can't help much, and it is sad to know all you can do is watching them drawn into self-pity.
I always thought that i could get over it. But the truth is being hypocrite just makes me feel miserable. Makes me look like them. I know why i care so much about them, but the reason is just too deep to confess. And i don't want to admit it.

Damn, i am a hyprocrite. So do u, so do us.
If it comes to hypocrite thing, i'll drag all of u into it. Coz i could bet this whole world for you that once in your life, u must did something hypocrite.

So when this is over???
Could they become just SLIGHTLY strange?
I miss it. And missing is hurting.
and obviously, it is not an ending. YET.

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