Saturday, February 6, 2010

Video Phone : Beyonce feat. Gaga

can't get over this video!!

Tanjung Bira Getaway

2010 It's been a hectic year so far.
It's a turn back point from my 2009. A lot of achievement had been accomplish in this year.
Yet, this is a really frustrating year especially for a clueless fresh graduate like me.
Job, it's seems like an easy word to pronounce. Well, it is. But when reality shows u what is JOB really are, u will never thought that 3 letters will be so much easier to pronounce than to find.
JOB, it's everywhere. It's there. But the problem is, the JOB that served in front of our face
rarely suits our expectation. Most of it BELOW expectation.
I can't say that i am not really proud with my self. I thought i'll find a job straight a way after i graduated. Well, it turns the other way around.

But i'm afraid the best thing i could do right now is enjoy whatever i got and stop blaming my self for what i can't achieve. Coz i realize that sometimes i have to give my self reward for what i CAN achieve instead of cursing my flaws.

Last year, i had a plan to visit my best friend Ghea in her hometown MAKASAR-SULAWESI.
But it is always a wishful thinking until last 22nd January 2010, when i decide spontaneously to make my wish come true. With my housemate Meth and Ghea's housemate; Ila we went there for a perfect getaway to one of the most beautiful Bay : Bira Bay.
This bay offers nothing but a paradise ; white sand beach, blue sky, beautiful coral reefs, clean sea, romantic resort, starry night, and a very pleasant getaway.
This is a perfect reward for my self, even though i have to burn my self a little. It is still worth every pain.

So here it is, i present to you : BIRA BAY, everyone.


model : Ayda Barmawi and Ochrink