Saturday, November 14, 2009

My current obsession : Allison Harvard

I am obsessed with uniqueness. I swear to God, if i can bring this girl home, i will!
I will adopt her as my sister. I don't care. She's the coolest weirdos everrrr!

Ok, let me introduce you to Allison Harvard. This girl is the second finalist in ANTM cycle 12. During the audition process, Harvard stated that she loved nose bleeds and hemophilia.

When the first i saw her i was like "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!"
Her big eyes it's almost like a mixture of squirrel and porcelain doll. Her lips and teeth it's almost like a rabbit. But somehow her unconventional beauty it's exquisite extreme. I was drawn into her.
It's like when u go shopping and u saw some clothes that really unique and u want it soooo bad! Yeah, i got that kind of feeling. It is almost like euphoria.

I want that freakish dolly look! It's phenomenal.

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