Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Female blogger award

wew! Thank you so much Ila for the award! *smooch
This is what she called Hottest Female Blogger.
Actually i'm a bit confused when she ask me to "GRAB" the award that she gave to me. Still not sure what she means by GRAB the award until now, tee-hee, but i just copy paste it to my blog. :p

"and the reason why I chose them is because they have the hot looking face and brains. Its a deadly combination! Read their story, including the one who gave me this awards, its addictive."

that's the reason why she gave me and other 9 female nomination this award.
thank u so much again laaaa! :)

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clique e ganhe said...

adorei seu blog parabéns
ai vai o meu faça uma visitinha