Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Runaways

Have you watch Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart latest movie : THE RUNAWAYS ? This movie is a biographical film about the 1970s all-girl rock band named THE RUNAWAYS.

Dakota Fanning plays Currie the band's sexpot singer, here's a first look at Dakota Fanning's singing abilities. For not having a professional vocal/musical background, she really does a great a job singing Cherry Bomb! I was stunned! And to be honest, this one of the reason why i make this post. I'm so drawn into Miss fanning and Miss stewart acting twist.

Kristen Stewarts plays rhythm guitarist and vocalist Joan Jett , she's got the slouchy guitar playing, the gum chewing, the swagger and the foggy voice nailed. Jett is all girl and quite pretty, but she's always had the manner of a boy. Stewart gets it right. She is not just twitchy Bella, for sure. And Michael Shannon plays record producer Kim Fowley.

This movie is pretty epic. If u'r not a big fan of Dakota or Kristen, you probably will start to have crush on these two hot stuff. They really gone deep into the character, it was nice to see Kristen Stewart undress her "Bella" character. I just didn't think they could pull it off.But they did it anyway. BRAVO!

Dakota Fanning & Cherrie Curie

First Cherry Bomb performance

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