Monday, July 12, 2010

Tsamina mina!

Hello there!
been so cold with my blog lately...
blame my friggin telkomsel-flash for being such an A! darn....

anyway, let me do some quick update of my life lately.

Hmmm... first is must be from WORLD CUP 2010! yeahhhh SPAIN is the WORLDCUP CHAMPION mann!! awesome! That octopus, PAUL, he predict it right!

This phenomena really shocked the world.. and ME of course. At first i was thought that PAUL is a human, and OCTOPUS is just how people call him. I guess now everybody starts to think to buy some octopus to replace their SO-LAST-YEAR fish.

Another reason why i've been neglected my baby blog is because of THIS!

Been wondering what is this? this is my new business! i sell fried mushroom online through twitter : @jamurkriukeyang and website you guys should try this! i've delivered this mushroom to all over indonesia! SHAME ON YO who haven't try this!

I guess that's all i wanna say for today.
will catch up with u guys later!


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