Thursday, November 12, 2009

hola. hola.

How r u guys? I know, it's been ages that i haven't write in my blog.
Too much 'shit' i have to flushed these days. I'll be graduating this December (HOPEFULLY!) so u know the amount of task that i have to deal with it's sooooo fucked up. I've got tons of assignment, some presentation, and gallons of quiz! I'm so dead.

So let me update you with things that had been going on with me lately.

1. I just bought an aquarium with five tropical fish. I know, this is so random.
Me and my boyfriend, we're actually planning to watch a movie. But i don't what is up with his mind, he suddenly change his mind and we end-up buying these crap which is lately turn into a good stuff. Im the one who picked all the fish and named all of 'em; Butet, Nasrudin, Ramona, Hengky, and Poop. My boyfriend is not very happy with the name that i picked, i bet u guys understand why. :p

2. This Is It, is one of the most MUST WATCH movie. At least that is what people said.
But somehow it doesn't work for me. I found that THIS IS IT is pretty boring as a movie, but in term of PERFORMANCE? he is a legend. If only his still alive, this concert will be a LEGENDARY concert. Damn spectacular!!

3. That's right girls. Gabe Bondoc! The Youtube star.... One of the hottest internet sensation.
To be honest, i have no idea who he is until one of my friend showed me the Part of Your World cover that he made on Youtube. And at the moment he start to sing, i know that i have a HUGE crush on him!! But unfortunatelly, there is a turn off factor for me : his a bit sissy.
I don't know and i don't care whether u guys agree or not with me, but i can sense the sissyness.
I just hope his just being cute, not being a BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

All rite people. I have to finish my Quantitave Method study.
I'll catch up with u guys later 'k?
take care! BHAAAAY.

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