Sunday, May 24, 2009

there is no right or wrong when it comes to feeling

it's been a while that i haven't spit out my mind here.... since sushi's dead, i've got nothing to do except doing my fucking assignment.
i hve to beg people to borrow me their laptop just to check my facebook or doing my assignment! i have no mood to wrote my thought here if it's not with my laptop. but anyways, at last now i got a chance to borrow my friend laptop and fortunately i got some mood to fill this blog.
Owww-keiii. where i have to start? i always have this kind of difficulties to start an 'english writing' thing.
The fact that my grammar is all over the place makes me feel like talking trash. Pathetic.

Today, i went to watch Night at Museum 2, it is pretty hilarious. I watched it with my friend Gea after finished our lunch at Bu Atun restaurant (Indonesian Restaurant). And somehow, i can't really concentrate watching the movie. Why? coz few things buzzing around my head lately. It is about how's life moves in such a mysterious way. We can predict what it's gonna happen next, but we never knew the exact result of our prediction.
These days, i've been distracted by sooo many things that is never cross my mind at all. I can't understand the way people think and sense each other. I thought i am the master of SENSING PEOPLE, i thought i am pretty expert to read people's mind, but the fact is i still missed few things to become an expert and master. I still have to learn few things, not just about reading their attitude, habit, body language, but also FEELINGS.

I just realized how complicated life is if it comes to FEELINGS. U never knew which person u will fall for, u will never knew which person u will hate the most, u will never knew with who u will end up with. It's such a mystery.
And when u talk about feeling, there is no RIGHT or WRONG. Coz it's not your choice to have certain feelings with particular person, whether is love or hate or jealousy. It is come naturally from your unconscious mind, u can't resist it immediately. So what i am trying to say here is that sometimea u don't know how do u have to react with unexpected circumstances. U are lost of words, lost of action, or even worst, you are lost your mind. Currently i am in this kind of situation. I am dealing with feelings; mine and other's. Since there is no right or wrong in this case, so u are the one who determine which is right or wrong. Different person has different perspective to judge whether is right or wrong. And i am afraid when i think i did a right thing, people think the opposite, and vice versa.

This is a sensitive case, i don't want to get hurt, and i don't want to hurt people. I did torn my self a lil bit with some mistake. And i don't want to go there again.
it was awful and painful at the same time, but i will never erase that. every line has a lesson to learn, i've learn mine. Hope this time i do the right thing.

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