Saturday, May 2, 2009

good night my story teller.

Life isn't perfect, speculation it's not the best perspective,
and intuition sometimes uglier than sensing..... That is what i felt right know.
I felt so stupid and literally cry over my reckless mind. It's not our fault if we couldn't see the true meaning between these fucking biased. It's not our fault if we lock the deepest secret behind the perfect bitter smile. It's not our responsible if we touch each other heart and felt the comfort in it.
Life is one of the mystery that even Holmes cannot solve. We haven't arrange a big plan, we laugh and hug the beautiful disaster innocently, we whisper each other bed time story, we shout everything honestly except those 3 word. You, me, us, except them, runaway from the reality, torture our soul pretending we are the survivor, we are unbreakable, while the rest of them laughing at us the pretender.

But i know time will passed this by... The night of truth is opened their selfishness.
And there, where the word are flowing like a crying river, and im stood there
lost of words. The sincerest word i've ever heard, but still change nothing,
even if it's not too late.

Still, i never press delete to remove that part of my story.
It's not the sweetest, it's not the longest, not even the saddest, it is pretty lame and
it could be one of the mess.
but to be bold, it is the most beautiful mess in the chapter of my life.
also one of the greatest lesson for us, maybe them.

so good night my story teller.
it's so good to know you.
i will always miss your bed time story...
hope you can whisper it again a hundred time. :')

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