Tuesday, April 14, 2009

you rather be a mystery

"Something hidden it is more interesting than what obvious" -scorpio motto

Well,i am not a Scorpio , but i did fall in love with this motto.
it doesn't mean that Aries don't have a motto as cool as Scorpio's.
We do have it, and it's sounds like this;

"Ready,fire, AIM!"

really straight forward and sounds growling.
But however, i still have a huge crush with scorpio's.
I don't know, maybe bcoz it is just fits my current situation, and somehow i found that is a very sexy quote. xp

and for u my dear. Since you act like a WHORE lately.
You rather be a mystery. I like it that way.


issye margaretha kamal said...

wow . nice story kak :)) hehe
* it's really nice to know you .
hope we can be friend .

icachan-anisadhaniaprianty said...

thank uuu... :)
i've added you to my watch list...