Sunday, April 26, 2009

morning mourn.

it is already 5.38am in the morning and Sushi the laptop still seating nicely on my lap while im typing this USUAL absurd post to my blog. Well, what know? hmm.... yeah, there is something buzzing around my mind lately. I AM MISSING SOME(?) yeah, that question mark shows that i couldn't decide whether is a THING or is a BODY or maybe both. This whole week, i felt a big part of me searching for an answer. If it somebody maybe it's not just SOME, it could be more than one body that i missed. If it's a thing, i might lost tons of things. I felt some people change and others start to fade out from my life. And it's hurt to know that you realize it but can't do much about it. I know that people change, we cannot say DON'T if they are willing to. But yeah, to be honest, when people start to change into something that (in your perspective) is negative, you will somehow hurts because of that even when they think it's positive for them. And that's what i feel right now. deep inside, i want everything just like before. I want whatever change right now, please be like what is supposed to be. and if it's not, dear God... You know what best for me,them and the entire human race. i pray for what is best in Your eyes and cherish for what i have right now.

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