Thursday, April 23, 2009

16 April | Good bye fake id

Bday present from Archy

"happy bday Wonder Woman" tee-hee... xp

Another Aprilian! LOL.

Blow the candle oldie.

at last i became 21 this April. I am officially LEGAL! yeay! No fake id needed for any "club thingy" situation. I was happy because my bunch set a wonderful surprise for me
with a delicious "LOW FAT" cake from Secret Recipe (i know this is sounds a bit freak).
It is actually a bit weird turned into 21 and haven't done any significant thing in life.
I felt a bit waste, because when i was 17 i always thought in this age i already turn into BIG.
I mean not BIG as in FAT, because that one is hundred percent accomplish, but BIG as in success or being somebody.
So in this graceful age, i wish i could be a better person in every aspect in life....


genial said...

ultah apa ya??? hope u all the best lahh :)

icachan-anisadhaniaprianty said...

my birthday.... :)
thank uuuu