Tuesday, March 24, 2009

your color is blue? I thought is red.

i thought it was red.
you've been the color that i adore since the first fall
the warm heat and energy surround my sight
she call it anger
they call it love
i call it passion. Passion is what i lust in this psychedelic world.
then i lust u-
-my biggest temptation.

when people could resist black because its absorb all such frequencies of light
or green because they avoid money and jealousy
they cannot ignore the aggression of red,
not me.
it's just violence my sanity and affect my obsession
and makes surreal picture about the whole idea of me
with your infared effect.
it's damn beautiful.......

Then i let the passion possessed me
let the red running through my veins
blush my fucking forehead
and realize we reach the last etymology of red, is DANGER.

......then it's starts raining
pour the rain on my toes, and realize we get wet
then i stare once behind the drip through your soul
then i realize, the love is not there
the aggression just fade out
there is no such thing as an energy
and the passion flew away.

Zeus owns you
the symbol of gloom
refer to sadness
i was shocked
your color is blue,
and i love red

lust you is insane,
another mistake to believe you are red
your color is blue dear?
i thought is red.
i don't lust blue....
i don't lust you.

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