Sunday, March 15, 2009


not my substitute lover nor friend nor foe
things are so surreal about the whole idea of u and me or
another misunderstanding
another misleading behavior
when nothing can be blame, than point it at the reckless soul, read : me
the love (maybe) lust we will never figure it out
since you drawn your ego into self denial, so do i, so do everyone
it hurts to know what we have it's sincere, but can't afford thousand intangible reason
you frustrated your self with biased while you killing my nerves and try to reach other fish at the same time
or may be...
u just hate the idea of me
instead of i love u, u wrote "i loath u"
us should be flowing but u don't know which direction we're going
lost in translation. damn it's suck. i get it (or maybe not?)
u grab your sanity away from the crowded mind trick and find yourself crazy-
-and accept it, then you frustrate it
then (again) torture my nerves with ambiguity you've been playing since.
But still can't figure your self and the whole idea of us, of me, and yet confuse myself instead.

this is such a great idea,
i like the idea...

but then,
the execution
kills our idea

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