Monday, March 2, 2009

That's not my NAME!!

they call me RIOT
they call me SASSY
they call me MEANIE
they call me COLD HEARTED.

am i??

There is one day where this guy came and said this to me,
"Ca, if you still talk to me like that, i wont be that nice to you anymore!"
he said that after i tease him with what he called the-joke-that-girl-shouldn't-use-it.
Never ever in my life i saw how serious people response to my joke and get very upset. Well, i did make a lot of people upset, but this is different. He also said that never ever in his life met such a cold hearted girl like me. I was like "WHAT??". I don't know why am i concern with what he said,but this is start to bug me lately...

i start to think people get the wrong impression of me for being a loud, bubbly and not-so-girly person and thought that i can't be nice at all.
owwww pe-leaseeeeee. we always judge a book by it's cover, and that is acceptable.
i completely understand.

so behind this "cover" let me tell u my "content" so you can READ me a lil bit:

* im not a girly person. But i stands for feminism.

* i throw dirty jokes. i bet tons of girl outside did that a lot.

* i am a mess. NO i mean, literally. i have a serious problem for being 'neat' and 'clean' and i am not proud of that.

* when i laughed, i laugh with all my hearts. i don't care even if it sounds like an old man fart.

* I CARE ABOUT PEOPLE!! and i am not lying. I don't kiss and hug, not a sweet talker, but i'll show it from dedication. When u fall, instead of giving you a hug, i will give u first aid and wrapped your wound. That's how i express 'CARING' to others.

* i talked like i just ate microphone and lamb. LOUD and ANGRY, that's the way i talk. It doesn't mean im angry all the time.

* you never know how fragile i am inside. And you don't have to know.

maybe this can explain a little bit of my 'content'. I don't expect people to understand.
i wrote this just to defends my self from what im not.
make sure u call me right next time.



MITA DIRAN said...

relax ca.. kamar gw constantly berantakan, cara ngomong gw ngawur.. i'm that kind of girl yang kalo kata org2 'tinggal pasang batang jadi' hahaha. i get quite a lot bull from other ppl as well, but if they're friends, they really should learn to accept you for exactly who you are dear :)

MITA DIRAN said...

gw baru inget ultah kita sama. apa ini faktor 16 april ya? lol

icachan-anisadhaniaprianty said...

iya ya, gw rasa faktor kelahiran 16 april!

iy nih mit... dulu2 g ad yg protes, skrg di protes mulu.
it's kinda hurt to know that ppl don't except the way we are sincerely, while we do. :'(