Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stop Tearing Me Apart

this is the song i wrote with my friend Sarazhen Syailendra.
press here to hear the song.

verse 1:

i missed the way you treat me
i liked the way you kiss me
i lean on you when u touch my heart

verse 2:

we're perfect combination
chronic infatuation
too blind to see what factors in too?

pre chorus:

in a moment like this we just don't wanna hear us serenade the sour notes
in the least proper manner it's starting to feel like this

seize this one way conversation
it's just ashes and dust
nothing left between us

you should cast me away
wash my traces and tear it apart
stop tearing me apart!
you can't mend my heart

back to verse 1, verse 2, pre chorus, chorus

stop tearing me apart.....

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