Tuesday, December 30, 2008


1. In 2009, i want B mark for my whole subject! no more D or even C+ !!
2. Going going gone you extra MEAT! 2009, i have to lose A LOT of weight.
3. GRADUATE! at least at the end of 2009 !
4. ng.. well. I actually don't want to put BB as a resolution, but since my whole bunch use it, ng...i think i need one. LOLZ. *evil grin*
5. yup, it's time to prepare my portfolio. 2009, i want the best portfolio ever for my job.
6. i actually planned this T-SHIRT business start from early 2008. So next year, i want this to be come true.
7. Finish and publish my Novel. geez, this is a must!!
8. DSLR. Any DSLR can do. i never have DSLR cam in my life.. but next year, i need it more than anything.
9. Cliche, but i really want to fix my SHOLAT next year. Have to. This whole resolution cannot be done without GOD besides u.
10. number 9 should be the "last but not least", but it's ok, my last but not least resolution would be : Publish my song. I still figure out how to. But i hope next year i can get the answer.


so folks, have a BLAST in your NEW YEAR EVE!
c u next year!!!


prakasita said...

mga" smuany terkbul ya ca...
gw tunggu novel lo ya ca..

icachan-anisadhaniaprianty said...

amieeen ta.
no 4 sm no 8 ud terpenuhin.
no 2 in progress.
sisanya masih struggling!