Friday, November 14, 2008

My food Report Grade

I don't know that we can have a report card for what've we ate until i found this website click here. So i list down the TOP 4 of food that i recently eat. And i'm pretty shock with my report card grade. i totally stuffed a lot of bad things inside my body. shoot.

So here is the result...... *finger cross*

Spaghetti Carbonara.
and the result issss........

ow my... not that good. let's continue.....

Chicken Fried rice.
and the result isss.......

C+???? whut the hell??
next please,

Fried instant noodle.
and the result is.........

well, it's just an instant noodle, what do u expect.
ok the last one and my favorite of all.....

ok, lets see how much i can get for this food.

YEYYYYY!!! sushi never let me down!! i knew it's a healthy food!

curious with your report grade??
just visit this website. And you'll see how good or bad your food taste are.

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