Thursday, November 20, 2008


the same old shit just bug me again. What else, FAT-ness.
Why i have to go through this again and again. Im not trying to act like Miss Bimbo that super duper consider with their weight and watch every calories dat goes into their mouth *including tooth paste*. No, im not that freak!!
but yea, i have to get rid of this ugly flab in my body.
Maybe you don't know this but i used to be really FAT and really SKINNY. Those day, when im in 3rd year of junior high, i used to gain 60KG with height only 158cm. IMAGINE!!!
But this fatness came not without reason, since people mocked me becoz im to0 skinny that day (42kg with height only 155), i kept stuffed my self with food like hell without realize that my body already bloated like pig. I felt soooo miserable that day, and i promised to my self that i have to lose at least 5kg. But what happened was.... my body shrink extremely to 43kg. I felt so DAMN HAPPY that day!! This is the result :

yep, that's me back then. Without trick or any photoshop retouch *brag brag*
but, becoz im soooo small, my body condition starts down and i experience a lot of illness .
So i have to eat a lot for recovery, and guess waht?? yea, the same shit happened again, i put on weight like the old days.
Now i reach 53kg already. Im so frustrated!!!!!!!! everytime i try to diet, it is always failed!! WHY???? pfhhhh... so tired.

me and my big fat drama.

btw this is my latest picture.
yep. soooo bloated.


Muhammad Assad said...

semangat cha! jangan desperate! gw doain biar body lu macam dulu lagi! hehehe...

semangattt matey!


icachan-anisadhaniaprianty said...

iye saaad. mencoba nh gw...
thnk uuuuu lhooo boook.