Wednesday, October 22, 2008

between me n photography

there is something that i should tell you 'bout what is between me and photography. Just a minute ago, my friend nudge me on MSN asked about this expensive Rangefinder camera. So i explain to him about it and told him i don't really like lens or something like expensive camera. And that statement is kind of surprise him since he thinks that im into this photography thing.
So without need of your people agreement or disagreement , i want to share with you my perception and the way i feel about photography, just like what i share and reveal to my friend a minute ago.

Well, here is the truth; I DON'T LIKE PHOTOGRAPHY. shocking? wait... im not finish.


ok, what im tryin' to say is... im not in love with the knowledge of photography (for example, the technique theory for lighting, shutter speed, and that other kinda of thing). But, i fell for the idea of photography it self which is "capture the moment". I love to taking picture, i love to see great photography , i love to editing picture, and that's it. For me, photography it's nothing but art. And art for me it's nothing but amusement park, that makes me thrill ,smile and pleased.
Most of people are obsessed with expensive lens and cam. For them, lens is the soul of photography. I don't tell you whether that statement it's wrong or right. People have their own thoughts and opinion about it. And i have mine as well.
For me, taking a good picture doesn't have to be 'expensive' or 'futuristic'. Im using whatever i have, as long it's camera. Seriously, im using my cellphone cam for taking picture, im using my pocketcam, im using my old film camera, and so on. I didn't FORCE my self to be happy and thrill, coz it's not fun.
Now, I want you guys to see this picture :
This is the picture that i took with Ati's old 4 mega pixel pocket cam . I took it on the plane because im fuckin bored, and the sky just amazing. To be honest, i think this picture it's not really bad. Photoshop really helps me correct the color.

Back in the day, my grandpa used to be addicted with photography. He told my uncle to not fall in love with this hobby. "Because once you love photography, you'll broke." that's what he said. He also said, instead of photography brings you money, it will wash out your money because of 'those stuff' you have to buy to improve your photography skill.
Again, i don't need people to correct what my grandpa said, becoz that is what HE experienced that time. But i have to agree and disagree with his statement. Agree, if im a photographer in that time, where you have to actually learn how to snap properly, since there is no such thing like photoshop to help you develop a fantastic photo or to correct bad photo. But nowadays, photoshop it's not something uncommon. Most of photographer must be use this tool to helps them retouch or even manipulating photo. So this tools is the reason why i have to disagree with my grandpa about "being broke to be photographer". The fact that i've been experience from the first time using photoshop until know is, i can turn bad photo into good photo just by using photoshop. So i found this fun feeling and excitement when i turn trashy thing into classy thing. Thats why, i am more to photoshop than the photography itself.

So now u know what is up between me and photography. Don't get confuse when u find out that i know nothing about lens and photography knowledge(doesn't mean that i REALLY blank about it, it's just im lack of it knowledge.)

and whatever i said just know, it's just an idea.
you don't have to label it.
it is as honest as a cup of tea.

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