Friday, September 26, 2008


(nulisnya campur2 yak indo-inggris. eheheh)

Ok. remember in my previous blog? Ada hamster yg gw namain after my ex-housemate??

yea. that bitchy hamster. Well this whole year i thought my hamster is a she. Me and my other housemate too lazy to check and too dumb to know how to check it. gw baru tw pas tmn gw blg bedainnya it klo cowok ada balls nya! then one day, i have nothing to do coz my internet is suspended. So i went to 'her' cage (that day i still think my hamster is a she) play with her, and when suddenly dia berdiri di pinggir kandang, WOW,disaat itulah gw melihat ada '2 bola' pink disana. And i was like "hell no. that bitchy thing is a he!"wkakakakkak.
So yea, apparently my hamster is a shemale. ckckckck i love this poor thing even more.

smooch for u poor thing.

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